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Hi Alan,

Just letting you know we have been going to the off lead dog park almost every day with Buddy. We keep him on the lead with a muzzle then use the bottle to snap him out of his conniption at other dogs that come into his sight.

This week he has been approached by a total of 6 dogs and has not growled, barked or made any type of gutteral noise (finally!!). We even took the muzzle off him today to play with three pugs that had befriended him!

His back still goes up and he gets very excited but he seems to be getting the idea that he doesn’t need to sound or look agressive.

He really does love playing with other dogs.

I just wanted to let you know that he is doing well, and thank you for all your help.


Simone Oke (& Buddy)

I cannot thank Alan enough for his patience and expertise. Sally is a great dog but would not come back when called. After four years of trying, Alan had the problem fixed in a couple of weeks.

Kath – Aspendale 

Hi Alan, thank you very much for this. It was a pleasure attending your class! We all (the whole family – not only the dog) learned so much and we are happy to report that the methods you taught show great progress. We are now much more confident in handling our puppy.
Thank you again and we keep practising and training.

Warm regards, 
Jeannette, Sugar & family. Highett – Feb 2017

Donna and Grant – Hampton

Dear Alan

Just a note to say how delighted we are with our 'new' dog and her much improved behaviour. In just 48 hours and by using your methods, it is hard to believe it is the same crazy dog that we were considering returning. She is quietly sleeping in her bed here whilst we watch television. She is much better on the lead and learning to sit. AND we have finally found a treat she likes – carob drops!

I made the dog stew and it went down like there was no tomorrow. I am unsure of how much to give her so gave her a cup and a half which looked like a lot in the bowl.

We are looking forward to more improvement and enjoyment. However she was in my bad books yesterday when she pulled my best swimsuit off the line (I do water aerobics). It is amazing how high she can leap for a little dog. By the time I found them she had chewed 4 large holes in them! My daughter said 'lucky it wasn’t a couch'. Today she has been much better. Thanks again.

Mim and Frank Jorgensen

Hi Alan

Thanks for this info. I’ll take it home and read it tonight. Lulu has been fantastic over these last few days. She has hardly reacted to other dogs at all while we’re walking. We’re not crossing the road anymore with oncoming dogs, but just moving onto the nature strip to create a small margin of distance between them. Around the dog park has been great too. Even with dogs coming right up to her, there is minimal reaction after 3 days. I am amazed and extremely happy.

The diet change has been easy too. I’m just throwing the vegies in the rice cooker with the rice and it’s all done when I come back. I’ve started with 50/50, but will reduce that again in a week or 2. She is loving her frozen beef stock with biscuits these last couple of hot days.

Thanks again for your help.

Jen, Phillip and Lulu – Caulfield (May 2016)

Hi Alan, we can’t thank you enough. Robbie is already improving although I’m finding it tough to be stricter on him and to not spoil him so much. Within just a couple of days he’s much better.
Thanks again

Stephanie – Carrum Downs (Jan 2017)

Hi Alan,

Thank you and thank also to Tony for the great classes we just finished. She's is doing really well, she is far more settled at home not jumping on furniture or visitors and I feel far safer letting her off lead at the park. Thanks again

Fiona Gault – (Dec 2016)

We have just finished the behaviour classes with Alan. Over the 4 week course we covered lots of information with lots of helpful tips, and did exercises that have really helped with the little problems and general obedience of our little Bella – the classes were really good fun as well!

Jen & Rob – Hampton

I have known Alan for several years and I refer clients' dogs with ‘issues’ to Alan. I hear nothing but great reports back and am happy to recommend his services

Lorraine Clarke – Unleashed Dog Day Care

I have two Cavaliers, who, for years, have barked at any noise and acted aggressively at any other dog when I took them for a walk. I have used other services unsuccessfully. After a visit with Alan and putting a few recommendations into action, they stopped barking, didn’t react at Alan’s dog that he brought along, and didn’t even pull on the lead, all within 2 hours. I cannot recommend Alan enough, his service was cheaper and much better than any I have tried.

Robyn – Elwood 

Hi Alan

Just a quick note to say all 3 of us enjoyed learning in your classes. Thank you for that, and also for teaching the use of body language over verbal, it is most useful. I can’t believe how much quieter and calmer our house is now.
All the best

Anne, Tony and Rusty (Cheltenham Behaviour Classes, May 2012)

Hi Alan
Thanks for the certificate. Maggie is doing really well and now has great respect for us and has stopped 'rounding' us up and biting. She now loves stopping to say hi to other dogs and has taken a liking to the dog beach.
Thanks for all your great advice.

Cheryl and Neil (Cheltenham Behaviour Classes)

My 2 Jack Russells were very spoilt and very naughty. I had also received a complaint from my neighbour about barking. While Alan was here I saw a change in them and after following his instructions the dogs are really good. I highly recommend his services.

Evette – Noble Park (Feb 2016)


Hi Alan

I had quite a few people with dogs comment on the change in Louis’ behaviour as I was walking him up and down Centre Road, Bentleigh, on the weekend. They all asked where I was taking him to school as they were so impressed with his walking, sitting and not jumping up! I was a very proud parent and you will hopefully get a few more dogs to train. Perhaps Louis should have worn a top that said 'I’m trained by secret dogs busines' rather than the one I put him on (photo attached).

Sabina – Bentleigh (Nov 2016)

Hi Alan,
Thank you for your session a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, your common sense approach to our very easily distracted canines, had been a wonderful thing! I’m practicing what you preached & our walks are now uneventful but fun. The dogs are much more receptive & responsive. Their behaviour is socially acceptable & it’s a pleasure taking them to the park to run them ragged.
Just wanted to give you feed back and share my happiness about the boys!
Thanks again,

Mary L – Malvern (July 2016)

Hi Alan,

Lenny has been going to doggy day care ( K9 ) which has been very successful after being a bit agro at other dogs as you may remember, he is now  off the lead , great with other dogs and has good recall . I don't think we could have done it without the classes , so a big thank you.


Margaret & Jeff Connor – (Feb 2017)